GAAC November 13 Program Note

Our November meeting will be held on Friday November 13, at 8:00 pm, at the Lanesville Community Center. Old friend Jim Koerth will host a profound, colorful exposition on the human investigation into the origin of all things. When and how did the universe begin?  As we peer farther and farther back in time with our giant telescopes, a global group of astronomers wants to answer that question by looking as far back as a large telescope will let us see.

Jim will introduce us all, via DVD, to a prime mover in the creation of the Giant Magellan Telescope, now under construction in South America.  Share in the bold vision about the discoveries the GMT could possibly make about our universe.  A Q&A and discussion session will follow the brief video.

Come in and enjoy the fall musings of GAACsters from far and wide, and become part of the conversation. There will be pie.

The club meets at 8:00 pm on the second Friday of every month at the Lanesville Community Center.  See our Contact page for a map and driving directions. Parking is free, there are no dues or fees, and everyone is welcome. Come on in -- you'll have a great time!

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