August 13 GAAC Meeting Program Note

Observing the universe relies to a great degree on our ability to model starlight, and thereby predict underlying stellar properties, such as mass and chemical composition.

At our 8:00 pm, Friday August 13 GAAC meeting, Center for Astrophysics Dr. Seth Gossage will continue the thread begun by our July speaker, Dr. Ioana Zelko, asking how we can know what we are looking at. What can the light we detect tell us about the object, so very far away, that produced it?

Light can reveal more about a star than just stellar mass and chemistry. Dr. Gossage will also, and in particular, review next generation stellar models built to explore the effects of stellar rotation. Stars spin, and this is also a fundamental stellar property (alongside mass and chemical composition), which helps determine the evolutionary course of a star, and its light output for the entirety of its lifetime.

Our August 13 meeting will be held again at our old home, the Lanesville Community Center at 8 Vulcan Street in Lanesville. We hope you can be there in person. For those who can not make it, the meeting will also be streamed on the GAAC Facebook page.

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